The majority of people across Suffolk are cutting back on heating more than any other essential during the cost of living crisis, a poll of our readers has found. 

This comes after a cold weather warning was issued for the county by the UK Health Security Agency.

Rising bills and soaring inflation has led to 97% of people across the county saying they have noticed a difference in the price of necessities when compared with the same time last year - above the national average of 92%. 

Of the 81% who say they have been forced to make cutbacks, a majority of 41% said heating was the first to be culled - despite residents facing a winter that has seen temperatures plummet to as low as minus 9C.

The Met Office and the UK Health Security Agency have said a cold snap will hit Suffolk between 6pm on Sunday and 6pm on Tuesday.

At night, temperatures could plunge as low as minus 3C in rural parts of the county, but daytime temperatures are not expected to fall below mid-single figures during the chilly spell.