Plans have been submitted to divide a vacant retail unit on Haverhill high street into multiple smaller business spaces and flats on the upper floors.

Numbers two and three at The Chauntry Centre were previously occupied by YMCA, but the design and access statement says that "demand for such large retail unit with excess storage at upper level is very low."

The ground floor would be divided from one large space into multiple smaller retail units to provide "opportunity for smaller business to start and thrive."

Alongside the ground floor plans, proposals have been submitted to transform the upper floor into four, one-bedroom residential units by extending the loft space.

The application adds that the conversions will reflect Haverhill's history as a Mill Town, incorporating existing material such as brick and a natural slate roof.

Aimed at "single professionals or young couples," the developers say the occupiers are encouraged to use sustainable modes of transport such as buses or bikes.

However, if parking is needed, they say an effort will be made to establish a partnering scheme with a nearby public car park.