Permission has been requested for 10 self-build homes in a west Suffolk village, with the applicant claiming the council is "failing their duty in providing such provision".

The 1.34 hectare site is currently unused pasture land and is located adjacent to Halfway House on Burwell Road, Exning.

This planning application lays out a masterplan, where each plot will have a summary of the design parameters, constraints and restrictions.

The design and access statement adds: "This will reduce the risks and will provide some certainty and design quality at the same time as giving freedom and flexibility to private homebuilders to design their own house within these general rules."

West Suffolk Council's policy states that it will "actively support proposals for the sustainable development of self-build and custom build homes where the proposal accords with other policies within the development plan."

Within the planning statement, it is pointed out that there is an "acute shortfall" in self-build plots in the Forest Heath area.

It goes on to add that this means the Council are "failing their duty in providing such provision" and, as a result, "significant weight should be given to the proposal put forward".

A council spokesperson said: “We would not comment on the merits of an application that has just been submitted before it has gone through the proper process.

"However, as with all applications, we will consider it against national and local planning policy, including those that relate to self-build proposals and our respective duties.”