Lizzy is COO at Ellisons Solicitors, one of the oldest and most established law firms in the East of England 


There are just so many! One that does stand out in my mind is the walk from Hadleigh to Kersey one summer’s evening, just as the sun was setting. We were heading to the lovely pub in Kersey, which involves a relaxing stroll/mild hike across the hills, and the entire sky was this incredible, deep shade of orange, as if it was on fire. I think these sunsets are really quite special and unique in Suffolk, as they light up the landscape with such clarity. We decided to have a sit in a field to watch it for a while. Unfortunately, that meant we had to stumble our way to the pub in the dark, but all good fun! 


I’d have to say Aldeburgh. Normally I’d always go for a sandy beach, but those fish and chips are simply the best. Despite being kicked in the head by a very aggressive seagull last time we were there, I still just love sitting on the wall, looking at the waves and breathing that clean, Suffolk air. Not something us north easterners will ever take for granted! 


All of it! Although I never get tired of the views across Alton Water on a crisp winter’s day. Lots of wildlife and that vast stretch of calm, peaceful water. The slightly wilder water around Orford is also a firm favourite, with a great walk along the water’s edge before crossing the marshes to the castle. 


Hadleigh is really where my heart is in Suffolk. My husband and I lived there for nine blissfully happy years and we are thinking of moving back….fingers crossed. The people are friendly and always cheerful, and the number of dogs around always makes me smile. Dogs are, of course, just the best thing about being a human as we get to be best friends with them. My husband and I love taking our little furry fella into the various different shops and pubs in Hadleigh as practically all of them are dog-friendly, which makes for a happy town! The guys in the Adnams shop are always there with a smile and a treat ready (for my dog, not my husband) and a walk by the river makes for a lovely contrast of peace and tranquillity after we’ve had a potter around the hustle and bustle of the shops. 


The Carriers Arms in East Bergholt is a proper local, which always makes for a warm and entertaining visit. Northerners are exceptionally friendly, we like to talk to everyone about anything. Something that got me into trouble when I worked in London a good few years ago; but in the Carriers, I fit right in. Everyone chats. Everyone’s friendly. And the homemade steak pie and chips is just awesome. At Christmas, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many lights on one building.  

Place to Eat 

Oh wow, how do you choose? Am I allowed more than one? The Marquis in Upper Layham has a great balance of being posh and a real treat but also very friendly and down to earth.  

Day out/Attraction 

My husband and I (and our beloved dog) love the outdoors, so our best day out involves walks- and usually a pub. I love Rendlesham forest and can (quite literally) get lost in that big old, peaceful beautiful forest.  


I think Suffolk Food Hall at Christmas is really something special. I always suddenly start to feel really hungry whenever I’m in there, and end up spending a fortune after commenting “I’ll just nip in to get a bottle of something for tonight”. Three carrier bags of gorgeous goodies later, and I’ll emerge with a smile on my face!  


I’ve mentioned Adnams already but they deserve another special mention here for their amazing prosecco! Always a wonderful treat at the end of the working week.