Banking giant Barclays is to shut two of its branches in Suffolk. 

The company is set to close its banks in Mildenhall and Newmarket later this year. 

Barclays has said the reasoning behind the store closures is due to lack of use and people preffering online banking. 

According to Barclays, 91% of people who use the Mildenhall branch are also using the app and only 17 customers regularly use the branch as their only means of banking. 

The closure of the branch means that Mildenhall will have no banks in the town. 

Barclays was the last remaining bank after Lloyds closed its branch in 2021.  

Newmarket also has a low number of customers using the branch as the only way of banking. 

A spokesman for Barclays said the bank will be working with local communities to understand the impact of closing the branches, which can then be viewed once it has been published. 

The Mildenhall branch is expected to close down on June 14, whereas the Newmarket store is set to close on June 9.