Tesco customers have been left furious over the supermarket's policy to charge drivers £120 as a deposit on their fuel even if they spend less. 

Many drivers have taken to social media to express their frustrations after the retailer's 'pre-authorisation check' made a considerable dent in their bank accounts. 

If a customer dispenses even £10 of fuel under the policy, they are charged £120 with £110 returning to their bank account within two-48 hours, according to a Tesco sign circulated on social media.

One shopper on social media shared their reaction after seeing the sign inside the petrol station kiosk: "Anyone else seen this? Displayed INSIDE the kiosk on Tesco petrol station, so not much use to the intended audience who pay at the pump!!!

"Definitely won't be buying any more fuel on Pay at Pump from Tesco until this piece of nonsense is rescinded".

A second driver added: "Wont be getting fuel or food from Tesco ever again...disgraceful."

A third wrote: "I do use PAP wont be getting fuel at Tesco anymore."

The pre-authorisation check is in line with Mastercard and Visa requirements, Tesco has explained.

The policy is also currently used by other supermarket forecourts and only affects pay-at-pump transactions.

Those who pay at the petrol station kiosk will only be charged for what they have purchased.

The money spent should also immediately be released back to your bank account immediately, the supermarket added.

If this does not happen, customers are advised to speak to their bank.

A spokesperson for Tesco said: “We’re really sorry to hear about this. The funds that are reserved whilst a customer refuels at Pay at Pump should be immediately released back into the customer’s account.

"If this has not happened, we would recommend that the customer contacts their card issuer to resolve the issue.”

Mastercard said: "Although customers may notice in their banking apps an initial transaction for a higher ‘pre-authorised’ amount than the fuel they bought, this is very temporary, as almost immediately after the sale is made the exact value of fuel dispensed is withdrawn from their account, and any remainder of the pre-authorised amount is released for use.

"Should cardholders experience any issues or have any questions regarding this new process they should contact their bank."

What happens if I don't have £120 in my bank account?

Tesco has advised customers on what they should do if they do not have £120 in their bank accounts via its Frequently Asked Questions section on its website.

The supermarket giant explains: "If your account balance is under £120, your card issuer should respond with the lower amount they’ll allow, and the fuel pump screen will show the value you can fill up to.

"Some card issuers might not allow partial authorisations below £120. If this happens, please try another payment card."