A Suffolk parish council was forced to temporarily close its public toilets after excrement was found on the floor. 

Long Melford Parish Council will debate whether to make changes to the opening hours of the toilets, in Cordell Road, after the parish clerk made the grim discovery on Wednesday morning. 

A spokesperson for the council said on Facebook: "On entering the toilet this morning I was faced with excrement not only in the toilet but around the floor and seat. 

"This is not acceptable and this is not the first time I, as Parish Clerk have had to clear up this sort of mess in there in the past few weeks.

"This also happens to be the only toilet we as Parish Council staff have access to."

The toilets have been cleaned and since reopened. 

The spokesperson added: "It is just not very pleasant. It was all around the toilet.

"I just do not know what is wrong with people. Outside of normal office hours it will now be locked and that means on the weekend."