Two kittens found abandoned in a bin are being nursed back to health after half of their litter died.

The animals were found in a factory bin along with two other kittens from their litter in Halesworth.

Unfortunately, the mother could not be found. 

The kittens were only hours old and were found with their umbilical cords attached.

East Anglian Daily Times: Floretine (left) and Benedict were rescued from a bin just after they were bornFloretine (left) and Benedict were rescued from a bin just after they were born (Image: RSPCA)

They were then taken to the RSPCA Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk Branch for care.

A spokesman for the centre said: "They were incredibly cold when they got to us because newborn kittens cannot regulate their own temperature.

"Sadly one died on arrival and despite our best efforts, a second died later that evening."

The two surviving kittens have been given egg themed names - Benedict and Florentine - and are now with a fosterer who is providing round the clock care.

East Anglian Daily Times: FlorentineFlorentine (Image: RSPCA)

The spokesman said: "Kittens this small need to be bottle fed every three hours so it's a very tiring job.

"The next couple of weeks will be crucial to their survival but fortunately they are doing really well for now.

East Anglian Daily Times:

"They are putting on weight, eating well and making the progress we would like to see at this stage."

If people would like to help they can donate at: and they can also buy supplies such as Cimicat (Kitten milk) for them on their Amazon wishlist.