They have a reasonable claim to be the world's longest-established tribute band - but the Bootleg Beatles brought all the energy and excitement of the Fab Four to the Ipswich Regent on Wednesday.

The Bootleg Beatles has been bringing the music of arguably the greatest band of all time to fans since 1980 - that's 36 years longer than the original group were producing hits!

There may have been many changes of personnel over the years, but their show still really brings the sound (and sight) of the original band to hundreds of thousands of fans every year.

The Bootleg Beatles are regular visitors to Ipswich

And it really is a great show - there are five changes of costume showing the band's transformation from the mop-tops of early 1963 through to the progressive music pioneers of 1969.

While many of the great standards are brought to life during the show, this is far more than simply a "greatest hits" performance.

A fair few B-sides and album tracks like Anna, This Boy and A Taste of Honey were included - as well as some "given" to other groups like Do You Want to Know a Secret and I Wanna Be Your Man which launched the career of the group that became their great rivals, the Rolling Stones.

Their sound is superb - you really feel that you are watching the Fab Four in their prime.

And the fact is that in just over two hours you aren't going to fit in all their hits. I'm not sure I'd really rather hear Taxman as the Revolver representative rather than the classic Yesterday.

But the fact is that you can't give absolutely everyone everything you want to hear.

And it gives you the perfect excuse to return to see them on their next tour - to see how they've shaken the set-list up!