A new multi-use games area that would feature both a football pitch and basketball court has been proposed for a mid Suffolk village.

Barham Parish Council has received an offer of a Community Infrastructure Levy-funded grant for the provision of sports facilities on a former picnic site in Lower Crescent. 

A survey of village residents found the majority (60%) to be in favour of the proposals, with football and tennis overwhelmingly requested.  

With proposals at such an early stage, specifics of the multi use games area are yet to be decided.

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But it is believed the latest plans would accommodate an area for both football and tennis, alongside space for basketball and netball.

Planning documents state: "Of 74 responses to the survey, 45 support (60%) and 25 do not support (34%) with 4 don’t know (6%).

"Of the responses received football and tennis were overwhelmingly requested, with basketball and netball also high on the request list.

"All of the above can be accommodated by the provision of the Multi Use Games Area proposed."

The application will be considered by Mid Suffolk District Council.