Campaigners believe they have raised enough money to buy a popular Suffolk dog walking and natural beauty spot, which had been put on the market.

The Holton Pits Community Interest Company (CIC) has collected enough to meet the £179,000 figure put on the Holton Pits site near Halesworth by property consultants Fisher German on behalf of landowner CEMEX.

But CIC member Colin White said in spite of the fundraising success, the landowner was still yet to accept the bid and could still opt to sell the land to another bidder.

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He said: "We are confident that we will have enough to be able to make a bid of around £180,000 next week and all being well, CEMEX will accept that amount, though there is always a chance that somebody could come in with a bigger bid."

CEMEX were asking for £200,000 for the 20-acre plot of land, including the fishing lake.

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This sparked a community outcry and fuelled the creation of the CIC and action was taken to raise money to buy the land.

East Anglian Daily Times: The Holton Pits site is popular with dog walkersThe Holton Pits site is popular with dog walkers (Image: Charlotte Bond)

They want to preserve the disused sandpit from development that could threaten its fragile biodiversity.

The campaigners also secured an Asset of Community Value (ACV) designation protecting the site, but had been in a race against time to raise the money before the ACV status expires in May.

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Mr White said although CEMEX had asked for £200,000, the landowner also indicated it would be willing to accept £179,000 and the bid was set to be formally submitted next week.

He added: "We now have enough to make the bid and we hope that it will be accepted and we feel it is at an amount that the landowner would be willing to consider."

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To help with the fundraising efforts, a gofundme page was set up, while this Saturday (April 22), there will be a variety show to contribute to funds at Holton Village Hall, starting at 7.30pm.