Readers will have noticed that now, when you are looking at our journalism online, you are being given the opportunity to subscribe to our app.

I realise that, after many years of being able to see our web content for free, this may come as a shock to some but I very much hope you will consider doing so to help us continue to provide the dedicated local journalism we have been providing to Suffolk since 1874. 

East Anglian Daily Times: We've reported on local news since 1874We've reported on local news since 1874 (Image: Newsquest)

When something has always been there, it is easy to take it for granted but we have all got used to subscribing to television content and I hope, in time, the same will be the case with local news.

If it isn't, it's quite simple. We won't be able to do it any more and that would be a great shame.

East Anglian Daily Times: We hope you will continue to support our journalismWe hope you will continue to support our journalism (Image: Newsquest)

Every week, our journalists are out there, holding power to account, fixing injustices within our community, shining a light on the things that many would rather remain hidden and encouraging their sources and contacts to tell us the things we need and want to know.

Our sports coverage of ITFC is brilliant too. Stuart, Andy, Mark and Ross work all hours and understand better than anyone what our club means to us and what we want to know. 

But none of this stuff is really free. 

The adverts have helped pay for it up until now but the more adverts we have on our sites, the more difficult it is to read an article uninterrupted.

The app will allow you to do that - and £1 a month, which is our introductory offer - is a lot cheaper than the paper itself which no-one would dream of walking into a shop and taking without paying.

East Anglian Daily Times: Help us continue our un-rivalled coverage of ITFCHelp us continue our un-rivalled coverage of ITFC (Image: PAGEPIX LTD 07976 935738)

And if you subscribe to the app you get far more than ever before. Downloading our EADT app on your device will give you access to all our news and features, full ITFC coverage, and breaking news alerts so you are always up to date.

And as the app is ad-free there will be no more annoying pop-ups. 

As well as all this you will also be able to view e-editions of the newspaper on the day they are published - and flick through previous editions. 

And each day our interactive puzzle section offers brain teasers from crosswords to sudoku and codeword. I've been doing them all weekend and I can confirm that they are extremely addictive!

Right now you can try it out for just £3 for 3 months.

We hope you will support us.

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