Ed Sheeran has been putting Suffolk on the map once again in his new documentary.

The Sum of It All began streaming on Disney+ on Wednesday and the four-part series follows the personal life and professional career of the singer-songwriter from Framlingham.

Here are all the times Suffolk is seen or mentioned in the show:

1. Castle on the Hill

Several minutes into the first episode, Ed Sheeran is singing Castle on the Hill at a show in Zurich, Switzerland.

The song famously recounts his time spent at school in Suffolk and is a "love letter" to the county.

2. Meeting his wife at school

Later in episode one, his wife, Cherry Seaborn, recalls her relationship with Sheeran at school.

She said: "We were friends at school. He was in the year above, I was in the year below. We always really got on.

"We had, I guess, flirted with the idea of flirting."

The pair attended Thomas Mills High School in Framlingham.

3. School photograph

At the beginning of episode two, the documentary shows a tractor in a field in Suffolk as well as a shot of one of the county's forests.

Then, Sheeran shows a photograph of himself and his school friends while talking with his mother, Imogen.

4. Elton John at Ipswich Town

Immediately after, Ed and his father, John, show the camera a ticket to an Elton John show at Portman Road stadium, dated June 16, 2004.

East Anglian Daily Times: Elton John performing at Ipswich Town's Portman Road Stadium in 2004Elton John performing at Ipswich Town's Portman Road Stadium in 2004 (Image: Archant)

The singer said: "No one plays at Ipswich Town.

"Maybe, like, every six or seven years someone will come along and play and the whole area goes to watch them because nothing ever happens there."

5. Surprise gig at Ipswich Town Hall

Episode two ends with Ed's surprise performance at Ipswich Town Hall in October 2022.

He can be seen walking through the streets of the town and chatting with passers-by.

While narrating, he says: "I would love for my legacy to be, essentially saying to kids, just do what you want to do.

East Anglian Daily Times: Ed Sheeran performing at Ipswich Town HallEd Sheeran performing at Ipswich Town Hall (Image: Ipswich Borough Council / Ashley Pickering)

"Kids in Ipswich, which is not, like, a glamorous place at all, I want kids in Ipswich to be like 'Ed's from Ipswich, I'm from Ipswich, I can do it too'."

The documentary shows the star giving his guitar to a child in the audience and he also shouts out local favourite The Hot Sausage Company.

He shouts: "To the hot dog man that's leaving, I love you!".

6. The Lancaster Lock

In episode three, Ed Sheeran is joined by his wife in his private pub The Lancaster Lock at his Suffolk estate.

On the wall, there is a Suffolk dialect tea towel and Ipswich Town flags hanging from the ceiling.

Sitting inside the pub, the singer discusses his 2022 copyright trial over the song Shape of You.

7. Ipswich Town hoodie

Minutes after the pub scene, Ed and Cherry are on a run through an orchard.

The singer is wearing a black and grey Ipswich Town FC hoodie.

8. Shooting music videos in Suffolk

In the third episode, Ed revealed that he has shot as many as 14 music videos in Suffolk ahead of his upcoming album.

Behind the scenes shots show new song Boat being filmed on the Suffolk coastline.

East Anglian Daily Times: Ed Sheeran shooting a music video in Lowestoft in November 2022Ed Sheeran shooting a music video in Lowestoft in November 2022 (Image: Newsquest)

He says: "There's a hell of a lot going on at the moment.

"We're shooting 14 music videos back to back for Subtract.

"I'm filming all the music videos in Suffolk."

Last year, he was spotted filming in Lowestoft and the film crew even helped rescue a missing person.

9. At Ed Sheeran's Suffolk home

Near the beginning of episode four, titled 'Release', the documentary returns to the Suffolk superstar's countryside home.

Here, Cherry talks about her husband's vulnerability ahead of the release of Subtract.

The album is set to be an emotional listen, with songs written around the time of Jamal Edwards' death and his wife's cancer diagnosis.

She also shows a frame of postcards the star sent to her from across the world while on tour - each carrying the message "wish you were here".

10. The King's Head in Laxfield

Ed and Cherry go on a walk in Suffolk in November 2022 before arriving at The King's Head in Laxfield, near Woodbridge.

East Anglian Daily Times: The King's Head in LaxfieldThe King's Head in Laxfield (Image: Gregg Brown)

He says: "There's definitely like a cloak of invisibility that falls over you when you come to Suffolk.

"I have my memories and friends and family in one place and I feel like there's a force field around Suffolk that protects me."

He is then seen watching an Ipswich Town match on his tablet in his kitchen.

11. Song with Cradle of Filth

Later, Ed Sheeran appears in his kitchen and says that he has just finished making a song with metal band Cradle of Filth, who come from Suffolk.

He said: "I've just made a song with Cradle of Filth.

"You know Cradle of Filth?

"It's random because he's in a hardcore metal band but is from Suffolk and loves Christmas."

12. Recording session

Ed Sheeran and music producer Fred Again.. team up for a recording session in Ed's home studio.

East Anglian Daily Times: Ed Sheeran on the set of his 'F64' tribute to Jamal Edwards at Stamford BridgeEd Sheeran on the set of his 'F64' tribute to Jamal Edwards at Stamford Bridge (Image: PA)

Together, they record the singer's 'F64' tribute to Jamal Edwards.

13. New Year at The Lancaster Lock

The documentary ends with a New Year's Eve celebration at Ed's private pub The Lancaster Lock at his Suffolk estate.

Family and friends gather for fireworks and partying, with Ed bringing out his 'alter-ego' wearing a wig and sunglasses.