The Blues have done it - after being relegated to League One in 2019 they have gained promotion back into the Championship. 

Ipswich Town secured promotion in swashbuckling fashion by beating Exeter City 6-0 on Saturday. 

We asked our readers if they think Town should get a bus parade for gaining promotion, even if they finish second place behind Plymouth Argyle after Sunday's final fixture.

Here is what they said:

The overall majority said yes to Town having a bus parade through the town centre. 

Stuart Baxter said: "Yes they deserve it and so do the fans."

Mandy Chapman agreed and said: "We need a reason to be proud of our town and ITFC have given us that. Celebrate and make the most of it I say!"

Although not everybody believes that Town should get a bus parade for finishing second in League One. 

Tracy Westley said: "If we go up as Champions yes but not for getting promoted. We had our celebrations at Portman Road on Saturday."

Before the game at Exeter, hundreds of Town fans lined Portman Road to welcome the players and staff to the ground

Jamie Barwick said: "If we finish top absolutely, if we end up second the players and fans celebrated promotion last sat anyway leave it at that, it was a great day/night."