Green Party leaders in Mid Suffolk are using the bank holiday weekend to start drawing up their plans to run the district after their stunning victory in the local election.

They won 24 of the 34 seats on the council - giving them a comprehensive majority over all the other parties in the district.

Group leader Andy Mellen said he would be speaking to all his colleagues before deciding on the make-up of the new administration.

Over recent years the Greens have co-operated with other members on the council - most notably the Liberal Democrats - but their large majority means they can control the council without any other parties.

Mr Mellen said: "That is something I shall be talking to the group about over the next few days. We have worked very well with some other councillors - but we do have a clear majority and we shall have to talk about what to do next."

He has spoken to party leaders in London who were able to offer support and advice to the group - and there was a regular round of media inquiries. He is appearing on news programmes this weekend.

Among his group is Suffolk County Council opposition leader Andrew Stringer who has helped run Green Party campaigns for many years.

He said the success was locally-inspired: "Of course we will be talking to the party leadership - but they know our strength is based on the fact that we address the local issues.

"That was how we persuaded them that Stowmarket was the place for the national campaign launch last month - and we've seen how that success can spread. We are in a majority in Mid Suffolk but we're also the largest party in Babergh and East Suffolk."

The exact shape of the new council will become clear at the annual meeting on May 22 at Ipswich's Endeavour House.