Green councillors in East Suffolk are starting to plan a path to power by forming a coalition with other groups.

The Greens ended up as the single largest party on East Suffolk council in last week's elections - but they remain some way short of a majority.

They have 16 councillors - and need to reach 28 to have a majority on the 55-seat authority.

Over the last four years they have formed a group with Liberal Democrat and Independent councillors.

The Liberal Democrats also had a good election - pushing their numbers up to 11, and there is one Independent - Saxmundham's John Fisher.

East Anglian Daily Times: The Green Party made gains across East Suffolk.The Green Party made gains across East Suffolk. (Image: Mick Howes)

Green councillor Caroline Topping said they had expected to increase their numbers from the four they won in 2019, but had not expected the level of success they had.

She said: "We thought we had a chance of getting 10 councillors, maybe 12 if things went really well - to end up with 16 is unbelieveable.

"Us Green councillors are getting together as a group at the beginning of the week to see what we should do and then the next day we will be talking to the Liberal Democrats and John (Fisher).

"We all worked well together over the last few years - and we need to see how things should develop from now on."

The Greens, Lib Dems and Mr Fisher would have a majority of one - but they might also invite Labour, which has 12 councillors, to join a "rainbow coalition."

Ms Topping said: "If you have a majority of one you have to make sure everyone gets to every meeting, especially every full council meeting, and that can be difficult.

"But at this stage it is simply too early to say what will happen. One thing's sure - we will have agreed on the way forward by the time we meet for the first time on May 24."