A coalition has been formed between Green, Independent and Liberal Democrat councillors to form a new administration at Babergh District Council.

In the elections earlier in the month, no party achieved an overall majority, but the three parties have now agreed to work together.

Over the next four years, they will work in the best interests of residents and provide a stable administration.

The Green Party, which won the most seats in the election, will provide a leader for the second and fourth years, while the Liberal Democrats will put forward the leader for the first year, and Independents for the third.

Green group leader, Cllr Leigh Jamieson, said: "We are pleased to have reached this point after lengthy discussions, and while a Green administration would have been our preferred choice, this coalition is currently the best way forward for the council and the residents we serve given the political makeup of the council.

"We look forward to this collaborative approach delivering real benefits to our communities, and can't wait to get started."

Cllr Stephen Plumb, Independent group leader, said: "An agreement has been reached.

"We much now work together to ensure our residents have an effective administration."

Liberal Democrat leader, Cllr Lee Parker, said: "The three groups will meet regularly to discuss and agree policy positions, and at all times we'll be putting the interests of our residents first.

"We're excited to see what we can achieve."

A cabinet of eight councillors will be appointed from across the parties, with four from Green, three Independent and one from Liberal Democrat.

Babergh District Council is now made up of 10 Green councillors, nine Independent, five Liberal Democrat, seven Conservative and one Labour.