A popular BBC Radio Suffolk presenter has announced she will be departing the station during this summer. 

Georgy Jamieson has been a presenter on the station for more than nine years, presenting various programmes. 

It comes after the BBC revealed plans to cut back on local radio programming last October.

East Anglian Daily Times: Georgy Jamieson will be leaving BBC Radio SuffolkGeorgy Jamieson will be leaving BBC Radio Suffolk (Image: Twitter)

Chatting on her latest show on Radio Suffolk, the broadcaster and writer said: “Before we start the show properly, I need to share some personal news with you. As you will have no doubt seen and heard in the news, BBC Local Radio is changing and soon, although we still don’t know exactly when, there will be some new shows with some being shared across the region, there will be some new schedules and some new presenters.

"This has meant that many of us have been at risk of redundancy since last November and some had to re-apply for their jobs. This is a huge journey for BBC Local Radio, but unfortunately as one of your regular presenters, the BBC didn’t want to take me on that journey with them. So after much thought, I felt I had no other option but to accept the voluntary redundancy on offer.

“It is with much sadness and regret that I will be leaving the BBC at the end of July. So as the saying goes, sometimes you just have to know when it’s best to take the money and run. I do still believe the BBC is the best broadcaster in the world though and I passionately believe in public service broadcasting and Local Radio. What makes Local Radio so special… is you.”

Several other well-known figures have also left in recent months including Radio Suffolk’s Nick Risby and Mark Murphy.

East Anglian Daily Times: Mark Murphy left BBC Radio Suffolk earlier this yearMark Murphy left BBC Radio Suffolk earlier this year (Image: Charlotte Bond)

Under the new BBC plans there would be cuts to local radio programming, with content to be shared across neighbouring regions during parts of the day. 

Georgy Jamieson said: ““Your stories, your messages, and your comments. Because Local Radio is for you, and for us, for our local area, it’s for where we live. It’s where we love and it’s where we belong. Whether that’s Suffolk, Teeside, Cornwall, Humberside, Shropshire or Norfolk. Local Radio is for those who have pride and passion in their local area. If you care about where you live and the people that live there, then Local Radio is unique. It’s special and there is nothing like it. I fear there will be nothing like it ever again. 

“I wanted to say thank you to you, without you, your stories and your events, your clubs, charities and societies, there is no show. I wanted to thank you for all of the laughs and the tears and the great times we’ve had together because it has been a blast.”

“Although I’m sure how many weeks we still have, we do have a few more together before I go. I will miss being on BBC Radio Suffolk dreadfully, but most of all I will miss you."