A young deer was driven more than 90 miles back to a family home in Suffolk after they assumed she needed help. 

The RSPCA has issued a warning to members of the public to leave wildlife alone after the incident involving the female roe deer on May 16.

The deer was discovered in Isleworth in west London, before being driven back to Bury St Edmunds after the family member assumed it needed help.

A few days later, RSPCA Inspector Phillip Norman was called out to the address.

He said: “The family meant well, but unfortunately their actions mean this poor young deer now has to go to a wildlife centre until she’s old enough to be released back into the wild where she belongs. 

“The problem is that because she was in the home, she now smells of the home environment, and is likely to be rejected by her mother if we release her back in the area where she was found. 

“She is now recuperating at a specialist wildlife centre until she’s in a position to be released."