Plans have been revealed for a five-home development given backing by the parish council in return for a gift of a parcel of land at the heart of a west Suffolk village.

Permission has been requested to build five homes on Church View at Manor Farm in Thurston.

The designs detail that the houses will be "set out in the style of a traditional farmstead," with a main farmhouse with a group of barns forming a courtyard.

This new application is backed by Thurston Parish Council as part of a land agreement announced in January.

In return for ownership of two pieces of land in the heart of the village, the council is supporting both the proposal and plans for eight houses on land west of Barrells Road.

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A spokesman for the parish council said: "This ownership agreement will allow the parish council to secure future economic, social and environmental benefits that will not only support the needs of a growing village but will also protect valuable areas of importance to the community's wellbeing and interests."