For the past few weeks most of the country has been basking in sunshine with temperatures higher than 20C - but why has Suffolk been missing out?

And this week it is expected to get even hotter for much of the country with the warmest day of the year predicted, although this may not be the case for the county.

The Met Office has revealed why Suffolk has been left in mild temperatures while elsewhere people have been sunbathing.

Graham Midge, a spokesman for the Met Office, explained an area of high pressure in the northwest of the UK has left Suffolk with cooler and overcast temperatures.

"A high-pressure area creates very dense air, leading to persistent, fine and settled weather," he said. "However, the East has been subjected to very different conditions.

"Air has been flowing in a clockwise direction around the area of high pressure in the northwest.

"By the time this reaches the East, it has brought cooler air from the North Sea.

"It is also picking up moisture from the sea surface causing clouds to form around coastal areas which have been slow to burn off."

As the week progresses temperatures could reach highs of 27C in Wales and southwest England by Thursday, according to the Met Office.

Suffolk is expected to remain cool with highs of about 19C, although this may change by the weekend.  

Storm Oscar, which has been brewing over the Canary Islands, is to bring warmer air from the continent, which will cause the high-pressure area to shift out of the way.

While the region may not see temperatures swelter as high as in the west of the country, it is still predicted to reach highs of 23C inland while it will remain cooler on the coast.