A new six-part television series featuring Bill Nighy will explore the ins and outs of Suffolk. 

The series will meet locals living and working across the county - including farmers, traditional town traders and those in the catering business. 

It will also showcase the famous coastlines, deep and green forests and rich heritage which dates back over hundreds of years. 

Kate Ansell, Channel 5 and Paramount+ commissioning editor, said: “The beautiful landscape of the Norfolk and Suffolk region makes this series a real feast for the eyes.  

“Exploring these beautiful counties through the people who know them best, locals with fascinating stories to tell, the series sets to uncover the hidden treasures found across the length and breadth of this south-eastern part of the UK.”

Tom Porter, managing director of production company BriteSpark East, added: “This entertaining and escapist series charts everyday life in one of the UK’s most under-explored counties, meeting a diverse range of local characters, uncovering the region’s secrets and discovering the county’s ancient landmarks and hidden gems. 

“Set against the glorious backdrop of natural farmland, wild coastlines and world-renowned beaches, the series promises a visually stunning treat for viewers.”

It has not yet been announced when the series will air.