Former clients of a Stowmarket accounting firm have expressed their anger at the company's founder's trip to Monaco while they face huge tax bills from HM Revenue
& Customs (HMRC).

In images seen by this newspaper, Apostle Accounting founder Zoe Goodchild shared Instagram pictures enjoying a holiday in luxury destination Monte Carlo last week.

Apostle has come under fire in recent months after ex-clients were instructed by HMRC to repay tax refunds received through the firm, some to the tune of thousands of pounds.

In one social media post, Mrs Goodchild posted a picture by the marina in Monaco with the caption: "Monte Carlo you have my heart".

Another image was of Mrs Goodchild at a café in Beausoleil in France, a short walk from the international border with Monaco.

A spokesman for Apostle said Mrs Goodchild did not wish to comment on the matter and highlighted that her Instagram account is set to private – meaning only accepted followers can see posts.

Mrs Goodchild's company, based in Marriotts Walk in Stowmarket, claimed tax rebates for its clients over several years and took a cut from the money it received back from HMRC.

But earlier this year, it emerged HMRC had instructed many of the clients to repay the money – saying it was wrongly paid out in the first instance.

Apostle has denied any wrongdoing and blamed HMRC over the issue, saying the tax authority did not apply its own rules and guidance and shouldn't have authorised the refunds.

The Eastern Region Special Operations Unit police force said in May it was looking into Apostle over the issue.

Former client Lee Osborne, who estimates more than 1,000 former Apostle clients have been affected, said: "I am disgusted that with everything going on and people waiting for information out of Apostle, its founder decides to jet off to Monaco.

East Anglian Daily Times: Apostle Accounting's office in StowmarketApostle Accounting's office in Stowmarket (Image: Newsquest)

"Fair enough if you need to get away, but don’t put it on social media where you know full well people will see it and get angered by it.

"The founder has the cash to go to Monaco of all places, where we all know it’s not cheap place to go.

East Anglian Daily Times: Lee Osborne, a former client of Apostle AccountingLee Osborne, a former client of Apostle Accounting (Image: Lee Osborne)

"It’s kicking dirt in the faces of everyone affected and unbelievable behaviour, it is something you would see on a Netflix documentary. I am absolutely disgusted by it."