With Suffolk as a foodie haven, we wondered where you might go to get the best burger.

Well, we asked and more than 100 of our followers answered! 

Here is a list of the top 7 places in Suffolk to get a burger, according to you:

1. Patty Macs, Felixstowe

With the most votes, Patty Macs is clearly a favourite burger joint.

While the menu is small, the food is mighty, and the products used are local and top quality.

Located on Beach Street in Felixstowe, this burger joint is open from Tuesday - Sunday weekly and serves a range of yummy sides in addition to the burgers.

2. Wagyu Burgers and Street Food, Suffolk

Coming in a close second, this street food van has a county-wide reputation for high-quality produce and delicious food. 

Its location is updated weekly on Facebook and Instagram so that burger lovers can track them down easily. 

If you are a maximalist when it comes to burger fillings, this one is for you.

3. JJ's, Woodbridge

This new restaurant located at 17b Thoroughfare in the Suffolk market town serves a range of food, including tapas and several mains options.

There is also a choice of burgers available on the lunch menu and, as part of the deal, diners order a free glass of wine, beer or a soft drink with every burger ordered.

The cheese and bacon smash burger popped up the most in the comments, but the crispy bean burger is a vegetarian option that sounds delicious.

4. Marco's Smokeshed

A former lorry driver opened up a food truck on the side of the A12 which he named 'Marco's Smokeshed.'

The food truck regularly sells out from its little layby on the side of the dual carriageway.

Of particular note is the 'triple hog,' a burger stacked with three beef patties, two layers of crispy bacon and six layers of cheese, all topped off with a layer of pulled pork.

5. The Shannon, Bucklesham

The Shannon was a name mentioned multiple times when we asked where the best burger in Suffolk could be found. 

This little country inn just outside Ipswich hasn't got a website and is most easily traced through Facebook.

The burgers look pretty delicious, however.

6. Buddha's Burger Bar, Wickham Market

Buddha's Burger Bar is a food truck with a semi-permanent setup on the Riverside View Industrial Estate, near Wickham Market.

Specials listed on the menu include a pork and egg burger and a double cheeseburger with bacon.

This van doesn't just serve burgers, but breakfasts and filled baguettes too.

7. The Bell Hotel, Saxmundham

This grade II listed hotel, bar and restaurant only has one burger on its menu, which features several pub classics. 

The description is mouthwatering: Emmerdale Farm Darsham aged beef with Monterey Jack cheese, gem lettuce, bacon jam, burger sauce, pickles & slaw, with skin on fries.

It is also available as a vegetarian option!