A Stowmarket councillor has spoken out on anti-social behaviour, after residents revealed they were avoiding the town's 'dangerous' park.

Mid Suffolk District Councillor Ollie Walters lives just north of the Recreation Ground and walks through it most days on the way to his shop.

East Anglian Daily Times: Councillor Ollie Walters is the ward member for St Peter's (Stowmarket Central).Councillor Ollie Walters is the ward member for St Peter's (Stowmarket Central). (Image: Mid Suffolk District Council)

"It's there for everybody and anything that gets in the way of that is a problem," he said.

"Anti-social behaviour is so deep-rooted. The people that are causing these problems will be the parents of tomorrow.

"We can't just pretend it's not happening."

Residents recently took to Facebook to complain about the broken glass and used needles found in the park, with one mum saying she now opts to take a train to Needham Market so her five-year-old son can play in peace.

East Anglian Daily Times: Complaints were made about Stowmarket Recreation Ground (pictured) and the stream at Pikes Meadow.Complaints were made about Stowmarket Recreation Ground (pictured) and the stream at Pikes Meadow. (Image: Google Maps)

A local dog walker also complained about the stream at Pikes Meadow, saying her dog Trixie had cut her paw on broken glass thrown into the water.

Cllr Walters said that he has also spotted litter "from time to time", adding that he himself has helped deal with complaints.

"What troubles me is the way social media escalates issues that perhaps could be dealt with a lot quicker if the council are alerted," said Cllr Walters.

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"I'm aware there are problems, just as there are all over the country.

"But the officers behind us are very willing to help if reports are made to them."

Cllr Walters highlighted the "behind-the-scenes" work to tackle anti-social behaviour in the district. 

He referred to Mid Suffolk District Council's 'Pride in Your Place' campaign, which will allow local groups and charities to bid for money to improve the appearance and cleanliness of their communities.

"It's not a simple fix, but we're desperately trying to change things as quickly as we can," he said.

"We want to make Stowmarket a better place, so we can appreciate all those wonderful things that we should be so grateful for."