An application has been approved to move a redundant signal box near Lowestoft to a transport museum.

The planning application also involves the building of a new carriage shed as part of ongoing changes at the East Anglia Transport Museum, on Chapel Road in Carlton Colville.

According to application documents, the Network Rail signal box is currently at Oulton Broad North Station, but it is out of use.

The plans intend to make it a heritage exhibit at the museum, as it would otherwise be demolished and removed.

The application has required the site liaising with Network Rail to agree that the box can be moved from its current location to the museum.

The signal box will be restored to its original condition, including original timber features, as part of the project.

The plans are part of ongoing developments for the expansion of the museum site, which include a previously approved application for new exhibition depots, roads and tram tracks with overhead wires, narrow gauge railway tracks, carriage shed and platform.

The application was approved by East Suffolk Council on Tuesday, August 8.