A Woodbridge-based artist has welcomed BBC Radio 1 host Greg James' discussion of a controversial statue on the side of the A12. 

The 26-foot Yoxman statue, just outside of Yoxford, caught the eye of James while he was driving through the area on holiday and on Monday morning he took to the airwaves to talk about his thoughts. 

He said of the sculpture: "This is incredible, why is there not a queue of traffic waiting to take photos of it? It's mighty.

"I think you could probably see his penis from space. It's pretty big."

Woodbridge artist SOPHIE has said she is pleased to hear the artwork is being discussed and has created a reaction.

East Anglian Daily Times: The Yoxman statue off the A12The Yoxman statue off the A12 (Image: Laurence Edwards)

East Anglian Daily Times: Greg James, host of BBC Radio 1 breakfast showGreg James, host of BBC Radio 1 breakfast show (Image: PA)

She said: "Where I come from is that art is there to create a reaction. There will be some that say they are offended by artworks, that is something about themselves.

"Greg James is giggling about it, he's seeing humour in it. There is no right or wrong, it is just about having conversations about it. That is the point of the art. 

"As an artist myself I know my art provokes and creates reactions, that is the point. It doesn't matter really what the reaction is.

"We can have a giggle about it, a giant sculpture that seems to have a giant penis on the landscape."

East Anglian Daily Times: Woodbridge artist SOPHIE has welcomed Greg James discussing the sculptureWoodbridge artist SOPHIE has welcomed Greg James discussing the sculpture (Image: Charlotte Bond)

The bronze statue, which was created by sculptor Laurence Edwards at his studio and foundry in Halesworth and erected near Cockfield Hall in November 2021, made national news amid concerns it could take drivers' attentions away from the road.

At the time Russell Pearce, chairman of Yoxford Parish Council, said people had been stopping at the side of the road to take pictures of the statue but said he had not heard of any notable road accidents near the Yoxman. 

Plans to illuminate the statue were submitted to East Suffolk Council in May.

Mr Edwards had previously expressed hope the Yoxman would be the first of many totemic figures created in Suffolk and help attract more tourists to the county.