With Revolution launching a new £2.99 menu to help with the cost of living crisis, we thought we had to try it out and see what the price of a coffee can get you.

I went to the Ipswich Revolution on a Saturday lunchtime, expecting to have the £2.99 menu, however was told it didn't run on a Saturday, so went on Tuesday instead.

I could have my pick from one of four lunches, a 3oz burger and chips, Asian salad, chicken wrap and chips or a margarita pizza.

East Anglian Daily Times: The bar launched its £2.99 meals to help with the cost of living crisis this summer.The bar launched its £2.99 meals to help with the cost of living crisis this summer. (Image: Tom Cann)

I would have gone for the fifth option, fish and chips with tartare sauce and mushy peas, but they did not have this on the day I went.

In the end, I went for the burger with pickles, lettuce and relish.

I walked in, and within seconds I was served by an employee with a friendly face and smile, who asked whether I wanted table service or to order at the bar.

East Anglian Daily Times: The table had salt and pepper, as well as napkins and cutlery readily availableThe table had salt and pepper, as well as napkins and cutlery readily available (Image: Tom Cann)

She served me instantly at the bar.

At £1.50 extra, I went for a coke zero, as I was working and it was 1pm on a Tuesday afternoon, but you could get an alcoholic drink with your meal, at just £2 extra, which included a pint of Amstel, or a bottle of Heineken.

I don't think I have ever seen a pint or bottle of alcohol in any pub, in the country, offer a £2 drink with a meal six days a week.

East Anglian Daily Times: The burger and chips that cost just £2.99The burger and chips that cost just £2.99 (Image: Tom Cann)

Back to the food, I ordered at 1pm, and was given my food at 1.20pm, so not the quickest of service, but still quicker than what I would get at a restaurant, and it isn't fast food so 20 minutes wasn't too bad. 

The waitress did apologise for the delay.

The chips were served in a separate dish, which made the presentation look a bit better they weren't just sprawled across the plate.

East Anglian Daily Times: The burger I was servedThe burger I was served (Image: Tom Cann)

The burger, however, I have seen better presentation.

The lettuce was a bit to one side, there was a lot of relish that overflowed out of the sides of the burger, and there was a stray piece of brown lettuce to the side.

Presentation is one thing but onto the taste. 

The burger bun was toasted which was nice, and it came as standard which was just the burger patty, lettuce, pickle and relish.

East Anglian Daily Times: The inside of the burger and chipsThe inside of the burger and chips (Image: Tom Cann)

For £2 more you could get an extra patty, £1.50 more you could add bacon and £1 you could add cheese.

The burger patty was more like a smash burger rather than the uniform round disc you get from shops and fast food shops, however it did lack a bit in flavour.

The relish was nice and did add to the taste. It was similar to that of Rustlers sauce, which isn't a gripe, I don't mind that sauce, and had a little extra with pickles in the sauce.

The chips were nice. They were crunchy and with salt and ketchup, they went down a treat.

East Anglian Daily Times: Revolution in IpswichRevolution in Ipswich (Image: Tom Cann)

It all went down a treat, to be honest. It was a decent enough meal, which for £2.99 is really good.

I had only ever been in Revolution on a night out when I had been reluctantly dragged there by friends, so I have only ever seen the toilets in one way, which isn't particularly nice to put it lightly.

However, when I went in, they were spotless. They were clean, they didn't smell, there was soap readily available and it was not like I remember them being at all.

Overall, Revolution, Ipswich, gets a 4 out of 5. 

I wasn't expecting much for £2.99, but it was really good for that price, and for less than a fiver, I had a cooked lunch and a nice cold drink, which is incredible in this day and age when even just a burger, fries and drink at fast food places can cost close to £10 now.

For how cheap it is, it was filling, hot and just enough for lunch.

East Anglian Daily Times: The atmosphere in Revolution was niceThe atmosphere in Revolution was nice (Image: Tom Cann)

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