A six-inch sunken road in a Suffolk village is raising concerns that cars may be thrown into the nearby ditch.

The road - The Folly in Haughley, near Stowmarket - is without a kerb, meaning drivers may be propelled into a ditch or the nearby electricity pole, according to resident Hugh Wilson.

The 84-year-old says the dip has been developing for the last few years, worsening in the last nine months.

The road edge has sunk some six inches over around 1.5 metres.

Mr Wilson said: “The council knows how to mend a pothole. You just scrape it out and put some more tarmac in, but it’s 20 to 25 yards of literally tarmac sinking into the ground because the ground is too soft.

East Anglian Daily Times: The road edge has sunk by 6-7 inchesThe road edge has sunk by 6-7 inches (Image: Hugh Wilson)

“It’s dangerous for cyclists and motorcyclists, and it's liable to throw vehicles into the ditch as there is no kerb to stop them.

"It’s on a bus route and I fear that sooner or later somebody will collide with the electricity pole next to it.

“If a tall van or bus were tilted towards this pole by the sunken road surface, the consequence would be serious indeed.

East Anglian Daily Times: Part of The Folly, Haughley, has sunk by about 6 inchesPart of The Folly, Haughley, has sunk by about 6 inches (Image: Hugh Wilson)

“We have had a huge deluge of heavy lorries coming through here as new houses are being built, and that just pounds the thing further into the ground.

“We are in a state of enertia – something needs to be done.”

A spokesperson from Suffolk County Council said: "We are aware of concerns raised regarding the condition of the road in Haughley. However, it doesn’t currently meet the criteria for repair, as set out in the Highway Maintenance Operational Plan (HMOP).

East Anglian Daily Times: There is concern that a vehicle may collide with the new electricity poleThere is concern that a vehicle may collide with the new electricity pole (Image: Hugh Wilson)

"The road will continue to receive routine safety inspections and any identified defects will be ordered for repair within the appropriate timescales.

"The location will also be considered for future surface treatment."