A Suffolk wrap company is soaring to new heights after catering for a TikTok star.

Jamie Burgis, manager of Wok Wraps, was shocked when TikTok legend 'Big John' Fisher booked the company for a party at their house last month.

The company only launched a few months ago and has been touring local Suffolk markets, selling Chinese-fusion wraps from their stall. 

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East Anglian Daily Times: Wok Wraps serve a range of Chinese fusion foodsWok Wraps serve a range of Chinese fusion foods (Image: Wok Wraps)

'Big John' has risen to fame on social media for his reviews of Chinese food.

Wok Wraps was booked for a party on the evening of August 25 to celebrate Johnny Fisher - 'Big John' Fisher's son - winning the Southern-area Heavyweight Champion title. 

In typical 'Big John' style, he posted his review of Wok Wraps in a video.

"Right, we've got Wok Wraps around our house tonight," he said.

"We've got Southern fried chicken - look at that - chips, sauce, peppers.

"I can't wait to tuck in. I think this is even going to be too big for me!


Mr Burgis said that it was a great evening in which they served many amazing people some food.

"We were amazed by how many good reviews we had; even 'Big John' said that the wrap may even be too big for him," said Mr Burgis.

East Anglian Daily Times: Wok Wraps were set up in Big John's garden for the partyWok Wraps were set up in Big John's garden for the party (Image: Wok Wraps)

"Everyone had such a great evening, and we left the party feeling chuffed by the many positive comments we received."

The company estimates that they served around 120 of their wraps on the night, and also featured heavily on the TikTok star's social media pages.

Wok Wraps is now a permanent weekly feature at Bury St Edmunds' Wednesday market, and tours other Suffolk market locations.