From dogs left alone after their owner died to cats removed from a property by inspectors, these rescue animals are in search of their forever home.

Rats, cats, dogs and guinea pigs have all been brought into the RSPCA team based in Central Suffolk, with many still looking for a new family after a long time in the shelter. 



East Anglian Daily Times: Bow loves a cuddleBow loves a cuddle (Image: RSPCA)

Bubbly Bow is a big sweetheart, who has so much love to give to his forever family. He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossbreed and is around two-years-old.

He is a super intelligent boy, who loves to learn new things, explore new areas and meet new people. 

During his quiet time, he loves nothing more than being an oversized lap dog, cuddling up close to you on the sofa for some strokes. 

He has spent many months of his short life in rescue, through no fault of his own, and he deserved nothing more than a loving home to call his own.


East Anglian Daily Times: Chimmy was left on his own after his owner passed awayChimmy was left on his own after his owner passed away (Image: RSPCA)

Little Chimmy came into the care of the RSPCA after his owner sadly passed away. He is around four years old and a Pomeranian.

Chimmy is a sensitive little chap, who is worried by many new things, including new people, grooming equipment and veterinary handling. He will need owners who are willing to continue his positive training in these areas, and he will also need to continue his muzzle training in the home. His new owners will need to be willing to come to the centre regularly to build a bond with Chimmy before taking him home.

Chimmy has a very long, beautiful coat, but due to his fears around grooming equipment, he will need owners who are willing to take him to the vets a couple of times a year to have him sedated and shaved, whilst continuing his positive associations around grooming equipment, to ensure that his fur does not become matted and uncomfortable.

He is currently progressing well with his training, and enjoys learning new things in a positive way with his favourite humans. 

Chimmy is such a lovely little boy once he gets to know you, he will flourish in the right home and be such a great companion.



East Anglian Daily Times: Pinky finds life in the RSPCA cattery very stressfulPinky finds life in the RSPCA cattery very stressful (Image: RSPCA)

Pinky came into the care of the RSPCA centre via an inspector after being removed from a multi-cat household.

Pinky is finding the cattery environment very stressful and difficult to get used too, and he spends his time during the day hiding in his igloo bed.

Pinky arrived with a feline friend but unfortunately it was clear that they weren’t happy together and so the decision was made separate them.

The RSPCA feels that with time, patience and a respectful owner Pinky will hopefully start to gain confidence and come out of his shell.

Guinea Pig


East Anglian Daily Times: Shy Alpro is looking for a female to bond withShy Alpro is looking for a female to bond with (Image: RSPCA)

Alpro came into the care of the RSPCA after his previous owners were no longer able to keep him. Originally kept with his brother, they had to be separated due to fighting.

Since neutering, the RSPCA are looking to find shy Alpro a single female to bond to as he can get worried in larger herds.

Although rather shy at the moment, the RSPCA are confident that, given further socialisation and time hand feeding, he will continue to come out of his shell. 


Roquefort and co.

East Anglian Daily Times: These shy rats had a tough start in lifeThese shy rats had a tough start in life (Image: RSPCA)

This Shy Trio come into the care of the RSPCA via inspector. After a tough start to life these boys are ready to find their forever home.

These handsome boys are very timid and nervous but hopefully with dedication and lots of human company they can learn people are not so scary after all. They love to be together - whether that’s having a snooze or eating tasty snacks.