Incredible photographs of the Northern Lights were captured in a rare sighting above Suffolk.

The natural phenomenon – also known as Aurora Borealis - is typically seen nearer to the Arctic Circle in locations such as Norway and Iceland.

The Northern Lights were captured across the county in places such as Sudbury, Martlesham and Bury St Edmunds.

BBC Look East weather presenter Dan Holley captured the northern lights in south Norfolk. 

He said the aurora was not very visible with the naked eye, and used an eight second exposure on his camera. 

The spectacle is caused by atoms and molecules in our atmosphere colliding with particles from the sun, according to the Royal Museums Greenwich.

The wavy patterns of light are caused by the lines of force in the earth's magnetic field, and the different colours are made by different gasses - the green is characteristic of oxygen, while the purple, blue or pink are caused by nitrogen.