Summer is finally over in Suffolk as temperatures are set to plummet to single figures this week. 

The Met Office has said that the county could see temperatures lower than 10C overnight in the coming days. 

It comes after the county was hit by unseasonal temperatures this month with some parts of the county reaching 30C

In more recent weeks the Met Office has issued a number of weather warnings for thunder and heavy downpours

Some roads have even become flooded during the torrential rainfall.

Grahame Madge a spokesman for the Met Office said that heavy downpours are expected to hit the county heading into tomorrow afternoon. 

Thursday will be a clearer day with some showers and temperatures remaining in the high teens. 

It is high pressure building overnight on Friday and Saturday that will see cooler temperatures overnight across the region.

Grahame Madge, a spokesman for the Met Office, said: "It's signalling the transition from summer to autumn. 

"Weather patterns over the last few weeks with heat and thunderstorms are much more akin to summer.

"Temperatures are still a bit above average but we're very much into an autumnal feel now."