Discover the breadth of job opportunities that the local nuclear sector provides right here in Suffolk at Sizewell

Careers in nuclear involve much more than construction or engineering. With roles related to everything from ecology, chemistry, physics, health and safety, maintenance, operations, catering, supply chain, project management and beyond, Sizewell B and Sizewell C are the perfect place to launch your career. 

You’ll also be helping to tackle the climate crisis, as Sizewell C will power six million homes with low carbon electricity for at least 60 years. 

Once operational, Sizewell C will save consumers in the region of £30 to £50 a year on household bills, in comparison with a system without more nuclear, relying on other technologies available today to make low-carbon electricity.

Meet some of the team at Sizewell working to deliver Suffolk’s new power station:

East Anglian Daily Times: Arindam Khan (Ari), climate strategy lead at Sizewell CArindam Khan (Ari), climate strategy lead at Sizewell C (Image: Sizewell C)
Arindam Khan (Ari), climate strategy lead

After joining Sizewell C three months ago, Ari is working towards reducing the project’s overall carbon impact.

“As a nuclear power plant, Sizewell C is already a low-carbon generational energy source,” says Ari, adding that he is currently looking at how to implement processes and technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emission from the construction of Sizewell C backed with climate resilience and adaptation plans. 

This will involve everything from upskilling people, cultural and behavioural shifts, defining requirements in procurement  and setting decarbonisation pathways.

“It’s a very interesting role,” he says. “I really enjoy looking into the overall aspects of systems thinking in decarbonisation and understand the impacts on local community and our society.

“Climate change is real,” says Ari. “We need to act fast, make sure that we futureproof ‘the project’ and set examples across the industry to meet UK’s Net Zero target.”

East Anglian Daily Times: Shaunna Barber, Sizewell C visitor coordinatorShaunna Barber, Sizewell C visitor coordinator (Image: Sizewell C)
Shaunna Barber, Sizewell C visits coordinator

Shaunna joined Sizewell C in May 2023, having previously worked for a care company in Saxmundham.  

As a mother of young children, she was able to negotiate flexible hours with Sizewell C. 
“I actually applied for a full-time role, but it was made part-time to suit my needs, which I was really grateful for,” she says. 

Shaunna’s role is based at the Sizewell C Information Centre on Leiston High Street. As part of the regional external affairs and development team, she arranges visits to the Sizewell C site and Wild Aldhurst nature reserve for stakeholders, local councillors and other interested parties.

Her team also gets involved in local events. “We recently ran an education day at Henham Steam Rally and took part in Home Start’s charity sports day,” says Shaunna. 

“There’s never a dull day, and with momentum continuing with the project, there’s always something to talk about.” 

Shaunna grew up in Aldeburgh and now lives in Leiston – a short walk from the office. 

“It says a lot about the project and the values that there are so many locals working on it,” she says. 

“It also helps when listening to the community’s concerns; they feel reassured that there are local residents involved as well.”

East Anglian Daily Times: Joshua Wilkins, Power BI developer at Sizewell CJoshua Wilkins, Power BI developer at Sizewell C (Image: Sizewell C)
Joshua Wilkins, Power BI developer

Joshua’s role involves extracting data and converting it to produce easy-to-understand reports for different audiences. 

After achieving a B-Tech in development and engineering at East Norfolk Six Form College, Joshua saw an apprenticeship opportunity in 2019. 

“I moved to Bristol to work on Hinkley Point C,” he says. Joshua’s decision carried on a family legacy. “My dad and my granddad both worked on Sizewell B,” he says. “My dad was a general labourer and my grandad was a project controller. 

“I’m going into something different to both of them – so there are definitely lots of different roles available!”

East Anglian Daily Times: Gavin Rousseau, Sizewell B plant manager Gavin Rousseau, Sizewell B plant manager (Image: Sizewell C)
Gavin Rousseau, Sizewell B plant manager

In 1990, Gavin left high school and joined Sizewell B as a chain boy, supporting chartered surveyors moving equipment on the construction site. From an entry level position, he worked his way up through a four-year apprenticeship before becoming a maintenance technician.

He then worked as deputy team leader within the maintenance department, before becoming a team leader responsible for the wellbeing of technicians. He has also worked in planning and maintenance, developing relationships with partners worldwide in the US and Europe.

Today, as plant manager, Gavin is responsible for the safe, reliable operation of Sizewell B.

“Every station director or plant manager I’ve worked for has had a different starting point,” Gavin says. “Where you start doesn't define you – it’s where your career takes you.”

Gavin’s career development is testament to Sizewell’s investment in helping its people grow, learn and develop new skills. He is also a STEM ambassador, who speaks to local school students about careers in the industry.

“It’s a special place to work,” Gavin says. “We have a massive part to play in the journey to net zero.

“Nuclear is a growth industry. Our future is very, very bright. Our apprentices have a full career of opportunities ahead of them.”

East Anglian Daily Times: Jack Raven, regional development assistant project manager at Sizewell CJack Raven, regional development assistant project manager at Sizewell C (Image: Sizewell C)
Jack Raven, regional development assistant project manager

Having joined the company graduate scheme, Jack is currently working with the town council on a project called Net Zero Leiston. This will explore how to use insulation, solar panels, rewilding and carbon sequestration to reduce local carbon emissions. 

“The goal is to put Leiston on the map as a progressive net zero community that the rest of the country can follow,” he says. “Everything we’ve done is open source, so other communities can look at what we’ve done, pick up the materials that we’ve developed and replicate elements of that in their own community.”

Jack says the East Anglian energy sector provides opportunities for those with project management experience.

“The net zero space is a fairly new industry with a lot of technologies being developed, such as direct air capture, which is quite cutting-edge. 

“We’re developing a pilot facility in Lowestoft which can be scaled up in the future. I’d 
be really interested to do something in that space, equally with hydrogen, which has been talked about as a potential silver bullet for solving the climate crisis.”

Sizewell is developing an incubator project that will seek to run a bus fleet powered by hydrogen.

“It gives me the opportunity to lead on something which has a real impact on our community. I’ve got family in Leiston. I feel a sense of pride in this work.”

East Anglian Daily Times: George Avery, engineering maintenance apprenticeGeorge Avery, engineering maintenance apprentice (Image: Sizewell C)
George Avery, engineering maintenance apprentice

After completing his A levels, George trained as an accountant, but did not find fulfilment in the job.

“It wasn’t what I dreamed about doing when I was younger,” George says. “I always had a vision of being on the tools, doing practical things.”

George spent a year in Australia where he “cut his teeth” working on mine sites. When he returned to the UK, he discovered the EDF Energy apprenticeship scheme.

“When you start an apprenticeship, money is a big factor,” George says. “But with this scheme, you don't worry about it.

“Your accommodation is covered, your travel is covered, some of your food is covered as well. That helped massively and was one of the driving factors for me, as well as the technical skills and qualifications I am gaining.”

After spending some time at the training centre in Somerset, George is now in his final year of his Level 3 apprenticeship in engineering maintenance, with a focus on mechanics.

“It’s never the same day at work. There's always a new challenge to face.”

East Anglian Daily Times: Mir Baloch, supply chain lead at Sizewell CMir Baloch, supply chain lead at Sizewell C (Image: Sizewell C)
Mir Baloch, supply chain lead

Mir originally got his degree in business studies with marketing before doing a master’s in quantity surveying and a chartership with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

“I was always interested in climate change,” says Mir. “And one of the biggest contributors of CO2 is energy.

“This is a great industry for me to get into because I'm doing something tangible, working towards reducing CO2 and mitigating climate change, which I'm really interested in.”

Mir says he also enjoys working in an environment which promotes diversity.

“The construction industry in general hasn't had the most diverse work groups. But Sizewell C is different.

“It's a very diverse organisation with lots of women, which you don't normally see in construction. You've got lots of people from different backgrounds and the leaders are very supportive in terms of encouraging staff to grow and learn.”

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