Plans for a one-way system to improve pedestrian safety in a Suffolk seaside town appear to have split opinion among visitors to two drop-in sessions.

Southwold Town Council and Suffolk County Council's Highways team held the events at the town hall to discuss the idea of a one-way system including the town's high street.

The aim is to encourage motorists to park up, rather than drive through the high street, potentially endangering pedestrians walking along the narrow pavements.

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However, detailed proposals are yet to be drawn up, with the drop-ins providing an opportunity to gauge the level of support before any concrete plans are made.

East Suffolk councillor David Beavan, who represents Southwold, said roughly half of the approximately 200 people who visited the sessions were in favour of the one-way system.

He said three main issues were identified with the parking situation in the town, including carers being unable to park near their clients, residents being unable to park near their homes and worries about the situation in the high street.

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The Liberal Democrat said the idea of the drop-ins was to enable the public to have their say first before a one-way system was developed, rather than the other way round where the public only got to comment once detailed proposals had been drawn up.

"We want the high street to be enjoyable, not a fight between cars and pedestrians. People do get very emotional about where they park their cars. This is a nettle that we should have grasped 30 to 50 years ago," Mr Beavan added.

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Earlier this month, the EADT revealed concerns about the one-way plans voiced by James Scott, who runs Nine Deli coffee shop in Pinkney's Lane, Southwold, who said instead of introducing a one-way system in the high street, all parking should be removed in narrow link roads, enabling traffic to get through and easing congestion.

Cllr Beavan said a separate plan - to introduce residents parking in Southwold - was rejected, adding that the councils would now go away to consider the feedback from the drop-ins.

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