Suffolk's most active town has begun work on a new £100,000 project aimed at giving older children something to do. 

The new pump track, which cost £112,000, will be built in Mildenhall, between the 3G pitch and the River Lark.

West Suffolk Councillors, Ian Shipp, Andy Neal and Richard Alecock have been campaigning for the track and hope it can be opening before the end of the year.

Mr Neal said: "There used to be a dirt track in the forestry and there was vandalism to it, people having bonfires and broken glass on the floor.

East Anglian Daily Times: Ian Shipp and Andy Neal at the siteIan Shipp and Andy Neal at the site (Image: West Suffolk Council)

"We said we wanted an enhanced play park over at St John's Close that incorporated a basketball court and a skate park.

"We got that, but we were still down a pump track so we worked for that to be returned to the community.

"It was a case of waiting for sufficient funds to become available and now work has started and it's going to be absolutely superb to have a proper, professionally built pump track."

With the opening of the skate park and the enhanced play park, children have more to do in the area, something Mildenhall has been lacking in recent years.

East Anglian Daily Times: Work at the pump track taking shapeWork at the pump track taking shape (Image: West Suffolk Council)

Mr Neal continued: "We and Mildenhall has been criticised in the past for not having enough for older children and smaller children to do.

"This facility is going to cater for both.

"There's a little learner course for the younger ones, incorporated as part of the bigger course.

"People can just turn up with their bike and off they go."

East Anglian Daily Times: The pump track taking shape in MildenhallThe pump track taking shape in Mildenhall (Image: West Suffolk Council)

Ian Shipp, cabinet member for leisure at West Suffolk Council, said: "The hub is an ideal location, close to town and next to other sporting and community facilities.

"I'm sure I'm not alone in following the track as it comes out of the ground with great interest."

Mildenhall has recently been awarded the title of Suffolk's most active town, something Mr Neal has said he is "very pleased" with.