Are you able to give Chimmy his forever home in Suffolk after he was taken into care following the death of his previous owner?

Chimmy will need experienced owners, who are willing to put the time and effort into his positive training for the rest of his life.

The four-year-old pomeranian has been described as a "sensitive little chap" who is worried by many new things, including new people, grooming equipment and veterinary handling.

He will need owners who are willing to continue his positive training in these areas, and he will also need to continue his muzzle training in the home.

Any potential new owners will need to be willing to make regular visits to the centre to build a bond with Chimmy before taking him home. 

Chimmy has a very long coat, but due to his fears around grooming equipment, he will need owners who are willing to take him to the vets a couple of times a year to have him sedated and shaved, whilst continuing his positive associations around grooming equipment, to ensure that his fur does not become matted and uncomfortable.

A spokeswoman for the Suffolk Central RSPCA branch said: "Chimmy is such a lovely little boy once he gets to know you, he will flourish in the right home and be such a great companion."