The owner of a Suffolk balloons, party and gift shop has revealed she has big plans for the store, including an extensive refurbishment.

Sonia Mayes, who runs That's Amore in High Road West, Walton, is planning to alter the layout of the premises so there would be the party range on one side and the gifts on the other.

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She will be maximising the use of any 'dead space' to create as much room as possible for the different ranges.

She currently has a new branch of her business up-and-running in Crescent Road, Felixstowe, which focuses on the gift side and she is planning to keep this running until Christmas when she will be consolidating all her ranges into the one shop at Walton.

At present, Sonia said visitors to her Walton store could get 'overwhelmed' because the party and gift items were between other products, but her refurbishment will make it easier for customers to find what they're after.

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"I will be completely redoing the shop and setting it up differently this time, so one side will be party and the other side will be gifts and I will be getting rid of all the dead space, which will make more room for gifts," Sonia added.

In May, the EADT revealed that she had made the decision to open the Crescent Road store because she had outgrown the High Road West premises.

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At the time, she said the Walton shop was looking 'tired and bursting to the seams' and it was therefore the right time to look for a new premises.

However, she said the income from the Felixstowe store was not 'covering the outgoings in wages'.

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