It seems incredible that the Rocky Horror Show has been around for 50 years - this latest anniversary tour is as fresh and vibrant as ever!

The show started life in a 63-seat studio theatre in London's West End - but soon went on to capture the imagination of audiences across the world (except Broadway in New York!).

Over the years it's been around several times - I've already seen it two or three times at the Regent - but this new show is as bright and fun as ever.

East Anglian Daily Times: The Rocky Horror Show is 50 years old!The Rocky Horror Show is 50 years old! (Image: Ipswich Regent)

I think it's the first time I've seen it with a female narrator - and actor/stand-up comedian Jackie Clunes is absolutely perfect in this role.

Rocky Horror works best when there is audience participation - and the ease with which she batted away audience calls made it all the more special.

While most people see Frank N Furter and Riff Raff as the stars of the show, it really is an ensemble production with everyone having their moment to shine in what is always a fast-paced show.

Most of the musical numbers seem to have become standards over the decades - and they come through on a fast-moving conveyor belt of energy.

The Time Warp is the one everyone knows instantly, of course, but actually every number has an infectious familiarity.

East Anglian Daily Times: Let's Do the Time Warp Again at the Rocky Horror Show's 50th anniversary.Let's Do the Time Warp Again at the Rocky Horror Show's 50th anniversary. (Image: Ipswich Regent)

And because of its fast pace, the Rocky Horror Show is one of the shortest stage musicals you come across.

But don't worry. In many ways that's an advantage because it gives the cast the chance to do the Time Warp again - along with some of the other numbers.

By that stage of the evening, the whole audience was up on its feet singing and dancing along to one of the great numbers of musical theatre.

Rocky Horror Show is at the Regent until Saturday and there are a few tickets still available - it's a truly great show!