Suffolk is going to be unseasonably warm this weekend as temperatures are set to soar to 26C.

The Met Office has said that Suffolk will see highs of 25C on Saturday and Sunday, with the potential even to reach 26C - the same temperatures as Barcelona is forecast to experience this weekend. 

According to a spokesman at the Met Office, the unseasonable heat will be caused by warm air from the south pulling up across the UK.

While 'Indian Summer' isn't a term used by weather outlets, the Met Office has defined it as a warm, calm spell of weather occurring in autumn, especially in October and November', and can be applied to the forecast heat this weekend. 

This follows a weekend of thunderstorms in the region with flood alerts issued around Suffolk on Tuesday morning.

The whole of the UK is set to experience hot weather, but the warmest area will be in the south of the country.

The Met Office is releasing regular updates on its website.