A pub in the Suffolk village of Rattlesden has announced a one-off event in which diners can enjoy every part of a pig, from its snout to its tail. 

The Brewers in Rattlesden has announced a seven-course tasting menu for November 1 in partnership with Hallgarten Wines that celebrates the 'noble' pig. 

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The menu has been posted on the pub's social media, and will include: 

  • Crackling, made with pig ears and served with apple

  • Pork broth served with sourdough and cultured butter

  • Bath chaps with cornichons and pear

  • Scotched egg, made with pork shoulder and served with a beer mustard

  • Ham hock terrine with trotters and bacon jam

  • Pork tenderloin with turnips and pomme Anna

  • Pork belly with black haggis, pork cheek and parsnip

  • Treacle tart made with pork fat

Moreover, each course will be paired with a glass of wine specifically chosen to best complement the dish by Ed Keith of Hallgarten Wines. 

The meal will cost £75 per person and diners should book in advance by calling The Brewers or booking on their website.