Suffolk world record breaker Dean Gould has got a lot of bottle – and is hoping to start a new craze.

Dexterous Dean, 59, has set two new records for bottle flipping and says it’s a record anyone can have a go at and believes someone will beat his record soon.

Grandfather Dean, of Church Road, Old Felixstowe, holds more than 60 world records and is always on the look-out for new feats to try.

He took up two challenges at the Record Holders Republic UK headquarters in front of Philip Gould, the editor of the Alternative Book of Records.

The first was to flip a plastic water bottle from a table in the same manner as his beermat flipping records. He achieved 34 flips in one minute in which the bottle turned 180 degrees. Then in the second challenge – to see how fast he could flip the bottle 10 times – he managed the 10 flips in just 15.75 seconds.

Dean, who is married to Natalie and has three grown-up children, said: There was a craze a few years ago for throwing a plastic bottle in air with it flipping over and landing on a flat surface, but I felt actually flipping and catching a bottle is something anybody can try.

“All you need is a full plastic water bottle, a table or flat surface, and a bit of practise. I am hoping loads of people will give it a go – and that it will turn into a craze and the whole of Britain will be flipping water bottles.

“For once, it is something that someone could beat me on.”

Dean’s world records include beermat flipping, coin snatching, and speed pancake flipping, eating records, and memory feats including reciting the names of all 712 survivors of the HMS Titanic disaster in a super-fast time of 41 minutes and 23 seconds.