A Suffolk woman who started boxing to lose weight is on the cusp of pursuing her dream to become Ipswich's first female world champion boxer.

Eilish Tierney, from Wickham Market, is currently a blood test away from achieving her professional boxer licence, which would mean she could compete professionally.

The 25-year-old, who trains at Grange Fitness and Performance Centre in Martlesham, has set her sights on becoming a world champion.

Her journey began in 2020, when the retail worker, who had been looking for a way to lose weight, shed five stones and dropped to 10st after starting at a gym in Martlesham.

East Anglian Daily Times: Eilish Tierney has lost 5 stones by boxing since 2019 now she teaches boxing classes too  PICTURE: CHARLOTTE BOND

After mainly taking part in online classes during lockdown, she went on to fight in several competitive fights in 2021.

Eilish decided to go for the licence after three bouts of amateur fights.

Ms Tierney said: "It's been a crazy journey and I'm not quite sure how we have got here. I was competing in amateurs but I wasn't getting many fights, as it is hard to match with girls as there aren't many female boxers.

East Anglian Daily Times:

"I sparred with a few professional boxers and realised that I was in the same league as them.

"For the licence, I had to go to an interview, followed up by an assessment where they looked at my boxing skills, and I passed all of that.

"With my medical, I just need to pass their blood test now and I'm ready to fight. Prior to that, I needed an MRI and an eye test, just so they know you're not going in with any injuries or disorders.

"I don't know if there has been a professional female boxer from Suffolk, but I know there has not been one from Ipswich.

"I am feeling ready to take over and be Ipswich's first female professional boxer, and hopefully Ipswich's first female world champion."

Eilish Tierney should make her professional debut at York Hall in London on December 8.