A new cafe in Aldeburgh is sticking to its guns and serving the nation's favorite - a traditional English breakfast - all day long.

Alde Cafe is tucked away on Hall Farm just a short walk away from Aldeburgh High Street. 

The business was launched in May by Sean Kyne, who had always wanted to open his own cafe, and has already been hailed as one of the best breakfasts in Suffolk by local foodies.

East Anglian Daily Times: Sean Kyne and his wife Caroline are the owners of Alde CaféSean Kyne and his wife Caroline are the owners of Alde Café (Image: Sean Kyne)

"It all happened in such a hurry and it came as a bit of a surprise," said Mr Kyne, who has lived in Aldeburgh for the last six years.

"The opportunity arose and I just had to do it.

"It has been pretty mad!"

There had been a cafe on the farm for eight years, but the business closed in April, providing the chance that Mr Kyne had been looking for. 

East Anglian Daily Times: The café serves breakfast all dayThe café serves breakfast all day (Image: Sean Kyne)

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The café bases itself loosely on a typical British greasy spoon - simple food, a limited menu, and not an avocado in sight.

"You can have avocado on your breakfast everywhere now," said Mr Kyne. 

"I just thought, do we become one of the crowd or do we do something different?

"The great British cafe tradition is dying out."

East Anglian Daily Times: The quality of the ingredients is key to My KyneThe quality of the ingredients is key to My Kyne (Image: Sean Kyne)

When the menu is simple, however, there is nowhere to hide in terms of the quality of the produce used.

"We have the ethos of a greasy spoon with restaurant quality," said Mr Kyne.

"Our menu is limited but that is the whole point.

"We use local produce and support local businesses."

Mr Kyne has worked at and with numerous food industries in the local area, and is a friend with George Pell, of The Suffolk in Aldeburgh. 

"He gave me some advice and encouraged me to stick to my guns," said the cafe owner. 

"There is a great equality about breakfast places like this.

"Local chefs pop in on their break for some food, which is a privilege, as well as elderly members of the community who come and sit with a newspaper for several hours."

East Anglian Daily Times: The café is dog friendlyThe café is dog friendly (Image: Sean Kyne)

With a past life in marketing and PR, the Alde Cafe is a childhood dream of Mr Kyne, who is grateful for the support from his friends and family, as well as the local community - even if it still doesn't quite feel real to him.

"I think it is hilarious when people call me chef!" laughed Mr Kyne.

Alde Cafe is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 9am to 2pm.