The family of a teenager who passed away 10 years ago have relived their son's life, and spoken about the achievements the foundation set up in his memory has made in a decade.

Tom Bowdidge was just 19 when he passed away on October 18, 2013, after he was diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma in his peritoneum and pelvis, an extremely rare and aggressive cancer.

The Tom Bowdidge Youth Cancer Foundation was subsequently founded by his parents, Nikki and Richard, at the wishes of their son just before he died.

East Anglian Daily Times: Tom Bowdidge surfingTom Bowdidge surfing (Image: Submitted)

Nikki said: "We were driving down the A12 slip road when he announced he wanted to run his own charity.

"It was only after Tom died that we had the conversation.

"Tom has always been the drive behind the foundation, I think that's where I get my own drive from."

Since starting, the Foundation has made an extraordinary difference, raising £1.6 million thanks to supporters, who Nikki refers to as "heroes".

East Anglian Daily Times: Tom BowdidgeTom Bowdidge (Image: Submitted)

They have also funded vital research into cancer treatments and to date, more than 458 young people around the UK have benefitted financially from the foundation.

The Foundation has also set up rooms in hospitals across the country where young people undergoing cancer care can relax with friends, something close to Tom's heart when he was undergoing treatment.

Nikki said: "The cost-of-living crisis has hit people so hard.

"These people coming to us are asking for money for travel to and from hospital appointments, for their weekly food shop.

"It is everyday stuff.

"When you get cancer, life doesn't stop and the bills keep coming.

"Parents need to take time off work to be there for their children who are going through this, but the outgoings still need to be paid."

Despite the success of the foundation, family life has continued, and Richard has said it "gets harder" coping with the death of a child.

East Anglian Daily Times: Richard and Nikki with Tom's nephew, WilliamRichard and Nikki with Tom's nephew, William (Image: Submitted)

He said: "Now William is here (Tom's sister Emma's son), we look forward to watching him grow, but we wish Tom was here to see him.

"There are photo montages of Tom around the house and we see William looking at Tom, and we tell him who he is. He would have been a wonderful uncle.

"The pain doesn't ever go away, it just changes.

"The last 10 years have been horrendous."

East Anglian Daily Times: Tom with his dog, Barney, who passed away earlier this yearTom with his dog, Barney, who passed away earlier this year (Image: Submitted)

Nikki said: "We put a brave face on.

"People say 'you're amazing', which is lovely, but you really do either sink or swim."

"I think Tom would have been blown away by the Foundation, setting it up always felt like the right thing to do."