Several Suffolk landmarks are set to appear on TV screens this evening as the next installment of a Channel 5 TV show is set to air. 

A-list actor Bill Nighy will return to narrate Norfolk and Suffolk: Country and Coast at 8pm today. 

Last week's episode followed Bill Pinney as he collected oysters from Orford Ness. 

This week, viewers will head to the fantasy seaside village of Thorpness, with a fairytale boating lake inspired by Netherland from J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan.

Tonight those watching will "join sisters Ash and Rebecca as they master the art of rowing and head out to Wendy’s Island, almost a mile from the shore."

The film crew also visited Newmarket for tonight's episode, "home of horse racing and the British Racing School.

"Saddling up ‘Big G’, one of the largest racehorses in the stable, is Riley and his classmate Lockie."

The Norfolk Broads, Great Yarmouth and the Mid-Norfolk Railway will also appear in the show. 

Norfolk and Suffolk: Country & Coast will air on Channel 5 at 8pm tonight.