Campaigners fighting plans to route cables from offshore wind farms across the Suffolk countryside have been granted a hearing before the Court of Appeal.

Suffolk Energy Action Solutions (SEAS) believes Lord Justice Singh's decision will enable the action group to advance its case for the creation of an offshore grid instead of routing the cables from the East Anglia ONE and TWO wind farms through rural areas.

The campaigners fear the cables will cause damage to the countryside and have called instead for the offshore solution with power lines laid across the seabed and carrying electricity to where it is needed most, including large cities such as London.

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The decision to allow the appeal follows a judicial review.

SEAS founder Fiona Gilmore said: "This is good news for advancing net zero innovation and good news for economic growth and a strong rebuttal of some of the comments made against our case at the judicial review."

The action group believes the offshore grid would 'protect the significant nature-based tourism economy' and 'allow for economic regeneration at brownfield sites'.

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In addition, SEAS claim the grid would have a 'vastly-reduced' impact on the environment and biodiversity and a less negative impact on communities.

Fiona added: "We believe that the Court of Appeal is the best place for us to argue points of law that have significant importance, not just to east Suffolk but also for the wider public interest."

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The wind farms and associated cables are being developed by energy firm ScottishPower Renewables.

The developer has been approached for comment...