A two-bed bungalow in a historic Suffolk town was featured on a much-loved BBC property show. 

The detached home in Bury St Edmunds was the first property on Homes Under the Hammer, with host Jacqui Joseph touring the property.

Stand-out features of the bungalow included a garage which could be converted into an additional bedroom, and an outhouse with a bathroom, which could be converted into a home studio or office. 

It was bought in March 2023 by brothers Tom and Jonathan for £304,000.

With a budget of £55,000 and a renovation time of three months, the brothers set to work in transforming the bungalow. 

The garage was renovated into a third bedroom with an ensuite, a wall in the kitchen was knocked down to make an open kitchen and living space, and the small conservatory was removed. 

The outhouse was given a fresh coat of paint but was left unrenovated for future buyers to convert into what they need. 

In September 2023, Matt Taylor from Haart estate agents, estimated the newly renovated bungalow could sell for around £450,000 or be rented for £1,700 per calendar month.