Councils and emergency services across Suffolk should have a clearer idea of the damaged caused by Storm Babet later this week.

And in the meantime councils affected by the weekend flooding have stepped up their efforts to help residents clear-up.

The Suffolk Resilience Forum, which represents councils, emergency services and other public sector bodies, has been co-ordinating the challenge caused by the storm.

Within the next few days it should know exactly how many properties were affected by the flooding - and start to get an idea of what help Suffolk might need from the government to recover.

Meanwhile officials from Mid Suffolk council have started to organise collections of ruined furniture and other household goods to allow residents to start on the big clean-up.

A spokesman for the Suffolk Resilience Forum said it had had a vital role in co-ordinating the response during the emergency and was now hoping to help communities to recover.

Meanwhile those living in Mid Suffolk district whose homes were badly damaged by flooding can get help from the local council to dispose of their damaged property.

East Anglian Daily Times: Mid Suffolk staff are helping householders to clear up after the flooding.Mid Suffolk staff are helping householders to clear up after the flooding. (Image: BMSDC)

A special web page has been set up so people can ask for council help in collecting and disposing of damaged items.

There has been widespread praise from politicians and community leaders for the way people have come together - but it will take some time for life to return to normal.

Most householders should have insurance, but it could take quite a time for all claims to be processed and paid out.

That is where councils and other public services could have a role to play over the next few weeks as people try to get their homes and businesses back in operation before the real winter arrives.