The A140 and A14 in Suffolk will remain open this weekend while an abnormal load is transported through the county. 

On Sunday, Suffolk Highways alongside Suffolk police will be helping escort a turbine from Ipswich Waterfront to Eye Airfield. 

It is the second of three abnormal loads that is being transported through the county. 

The turbine is the largest of all three loads that will be transported, weighing around 332 tonnes and is 5.20m in width and 10.93m in length. 

The entire load, including the cradle that carries the turbine, has a total weight of 504 tonnes and measures 80m in length.

Originally the load was meant to be moved on Sunday, October 15 but this was pushed back due to a delay in the shipping of one of the components arriving from Germany, via Rotterdam

The load will leave Ipswich Waterfront at 6am following the same route as the first.

The route is as follows: Cliff Road, Duke Street onto Fore Street and up Bishops Hill onto Felixstowe Road, Debry Road, Tomline Road and down Foxhall Road, Grove Lane and onto St Helens Street.

The load will then make its way through Ipswich town along St Margaret's Street, Crown Street, St Matthew's Street and onto Norwich Road where the load will then be transported along Old Norwich Road and parked adjacent to the bus lane south of Hill View Business Park, Old Ipswich Road, Claydon where it will remain in place until the following Sunday.